Chipsologia. Episod pilot. They are Sergiu, Chipsologist, and Skizzo, Chipster. Each loves Chio Chips in his own special way, one by learning as much as he can about chips, the other eating them as well as he can. Meet them both!
FABRICA The boys tour the Chio Factory and discover how a real chips it's made, straight from the source.
Selectarea cartofilor Chio Chips are made out of the Lady Claire variety. This red and round potato, with a perfect dimension of 40 to 60 mm, seems specially designed for chips. Its low glycemic index ensures the golden color of the chips, keeping away brown spots.
Cutting and peeling The potatoes are sorted, peeled and properly washed. After that they are cut very precise: most of the potato slices have a 1.3 mm thickness, allowing the chips to be crisp
Prajirea Feliile de cartof se prajesc in ulei pur de floarea-soarelui, intr-un cuptor incins la 170 de grade, pret de cateva minute. Apoi, cu ajutorul unui computer ultra performant, sunt inlaturate chipsurile imperfecte.
Flavors expert Once they get out of the oven, the perfect chips pass trough a barrel where delicious flavors are spread across the entire surface of the slices. What should it be? Salt, cheese, paprika?
The air inside the bag “What's the point of the air inside the packs?”, Skizzo and Sergiu were wondering. The answer is simple: the air provides the chips from crumbling. And no, the air does not effect the weight of bag either, Chio Chips has exactly the weight written on the bag. Enjoy!
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